I haven't been looking forward to doing this, but I guess we really should post something. Anyway, due to various time constraints and factors, for the time being, Robot Strong is no more. We'll be on hiatus for a while. I can't say for sure when or if we'll be back, but we'd like to thank everybody who has supported us by buying a shirt, or coming to a show, or even just offering some kind words. We wish all of you the very best.

I doubt we'll be checking this site much, but the recording backlog is still available. If there are problems that you think we should be aware of, email me, erzee at hotmail.

Thanks again for everything.
Goodnight -the Robot.

June something 2008 er something... Hey everyone! Just a quick update, so some of you will stop talking about the lack of updates.
First, everyone should welcome Chase, our new bassist! It's been so long since we've had a bass player I kinda forgot how much it helps and how much better it sounds. Probably better than cello. loolz
Next, we're working on getting some new songs down. The lyrics to I'll Be Around(actually a The Snow Peas song) and Fog should be up very soon. Also, I'm working on 2-3 other new ones, but who knows when they'll actually get done.
As of right now, no new shows scheduled, but that'll change soon. We'll be sure to let you know as soon as we do. Hope to see you all around this summer!

Oh goodness, it has been quite a while, hasn't it?
Well, a lot is going on. First, we have a show coming up May 9(?)th at Mojo's(what a shock!). We should also have an acoustic show to tell you guys about soon as well as some tavern in SLC that asked us to play for them. We'll keep you posted.
Next, Shamus and I are in (very) early stages of giving this site a little face lift. Oh, we're going to be on Last.FM in the near future, so keep an eye(or ear) out!
Finally, I've been working(yes, I have!) on my side project album, The Snow Peas. It's getting there. Shamus has been busy with work, school and most likely creating some insane/awexome music himself. Then finally, Lucas will be a father in the near future! Congrats!
Hope that keeps you satisfied for a while! Thanks for being so good to us always.


Heya! Show scheduled for February 1, 2k8 @ 8:00PM. Mojo's Caffe again. Hope to see you there! WOOT!

Hey everyone! The last two months have been really insane. But, now we are nice and refreshed and ready to continue our rocking of your socks.
Come see us:
Friday, January 4th, 2008, at Mojo's Caffe, in Ogden Ut ~8:00 PM-ish.
Thanks for your patience and amazing support.
XO- The Robot.

Once more show! Check us out October 12, 2007 at 8:00(I think...) at Mojo's Caffe in Ogden, Utah. More shows coming!
In addition, all remaining shirts we have are now $7 each. I hope you like medium. They would make a great x-mas present or creative Halloween costume. What are you this year? I am a Robot Strong mummy! The possibilities are endless. byes!

HEY! It's been a while, kids! Anyway, right now we have a show September 28, 2007 at Kamikaze's in Ogden, with a yet undetermined guest! Music should start around 9.5 or so. Yes! You DO have to be 21+ to get in. If you don't fit in that category, you should be ashamed. But don't worry, because we will have some shows at Mojo's and the like up shortly. Hope to see you there!

The pseudo-acoustic show is now official! Shawn and Eric will be playing Friday, June 29, 8:30PM, at Cafe Ville Bella, which is across the street from Weber State and shares Baskin Robbin's parking lot. Should be a pretty laid-back time and we hope to see y'all there. Should definitely be something to see.

Hey, come check us out: This Thursday, June 14, 8:00PM at Mojo's Caffe. Come on! Support the Robot! Bikes!
Oh, yeah! In addition, Shawn and I are going to be playing an acoustic set at Cafe Ville Bella on either the 29th or 30th, but that is definitely something to watch out for. More info when we have it!
AND one more thing! The lyrics and meanings for every single RS song are now up in the Music section, if you care.
Bye! Erzee!

New dates! New dates! Woot! Yeah, May 10th and May 24th at Mojo's Caffe 8:00 PM. Bring an extra pair of socks incase one pair gets rocked off. Oh, right we'll be playing a brand new set list including(but not limited to) two BRAND NEW SONGS!
More dates on the way. Hope to see you there! -erzee
EDIT: There is one even NEWER date! See us May 11th at Kamikaze's in Ogden ~9:30 with Your Basic Band. Woot! Shows!

Hey! I hope everyone likes the new songs. Right now there is just a simple little page where you can download the entire RS song catalog here until I get some time to place links in the music section. Most likely, if you are here, you've heard them all before. Enjoy, see you around

Hiya everyone! Incase you don't already know the Madeline 3 Track is now available! Right now you can either (a)Get it on Myspace or (b)Get it from one of us, but soon you'll be able to download the whole thing here. Anyway, we hope you like it and as always, feel free to share it with anyone who you think might like it. Enjoy.

Oi! Another last minute type show! Come see us Thursday, March 8th, Mojo's Caffe at, oh, let's say 8:00. New songs are sooooo close to being ready, but I doubt any will show up this time around. Anyway, come rock it wid us!
ALSO, next week is Spring Break for me, so count on those new tracks at some point. Madeline, Mahogany and Broken Legs, to be specific. Yeah, for reals this time! YEAH! WOOT!

OMG! Show Thursday Feb 1st at Mojo's Caffe! Thank goodness we live so close! The last minute show always has a distinct feel to it. So, come on out if you can! BIKES! -erzee

Hey! A few new dates are added for Feb'ru'ary. Hope to see you there, if at all possible. Recording is coming slowly since school, among other things, has picked up. But, we'll have some new stuff soon. We are close! Be patient! I'm gonna tell you a thing or two about love! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOVEEE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Ten points to the first person to name that song. -E

Hi! There are some new dates up and possibly one more in January. We'll post it as soon as it's confirmed.
Recording is going pretty smoothly. We're looking at Madeline, Broken Legs, and (most likely)Mahogany to be uploaded as soon as I can mix them, which should be next week sometime. 'Should' being the key word there. Anyway, hope to see you next week, and twice the next week. You are all very attractive. -Erzee

Thanks everyone who came out and supported us over the last few shows, overall: laughs were had, Sharpie tattoos were drawn(blue is really hard to get off), some immature Sharpie tattoos were drawn, a few hugs were given but no closed mouth kissing(that I was part of), a new song was born, a bit of hearing was lost, a few new friends met, a bit of money was made, some alcohol was consumed here and there, and a couple boxes of Runts were eaten. That sounds like success to me! It was a very memorable week. Now let's go record some stuff. Thanks again. -E

Hey! We're playing 1) Thursday at Mojo's, 2)Saturday 16th, Kamikaze's, 3)Tuesday 19, Liquid Joe's(get tickets from us if possible). So come check us out! Also, you should vote if you haven't. Lasers -Erzee

Some days are harder than others. My sense of self-worth hurts and my eyes are all scratchy and red.
But, no time to be sad, lovelies! No time for that kind of thing now! New RS songs are coming up, so do us a favor and vote for which RS songs you would most like to hear. Vote as many times as you like(I think just once a day). If you are unfamiliar with a song, check out the lyrics section(under music) or ask. Also, if you really care at all(which you don't), you can view the results. -Erzee

Helloo- Lyrics are up and accurate in the Music section. In case you were wondering what in the devil I've been saying and you were too shy to ask.
I'm singing higher and I have a wicked faux-hawk, but alas, I am still no closer to becoming Thom. So, I have decided to stop trying.
Still plenty of time! Don't let rising gasoline costs or lack of artistic skillz stop you (cough... you know who you are...) from entering the RobotStrong art contest. Still don't know why that link is hosted off site. -Erzee

Hi all, new dates are coming. A new song or two may be a possibility during December. Let us know if there is anything specific you want to hear(with the exception of Knights in White Satin, that song gets me all moody and blue). The art contest has commenced. Can't escape the fact that I still want to be Thom Yorke. -Erzee

Hey, some new dates are up through December! So come check-a check us out!
Also, we are pleased to announce the first annual RobotStrong art contest! I have no idea why the contest rules are hosted off-site. It dossna make teh senxxorz. Anywho, draw us something nice and if we like it, we'll find a home for it on our site. Just try to keep it Trapper Keeper quality or better.
Entering is simple, man to my left(your right)! Just get a copy along to our robot.strong@gmail email account. You could click on that link for more details too! Good luck and happy coloring!